Ken Hardie

Your member of parliament for

Fleetwood-Port Kells

Ken Hardie

Your member of parliament for

Fleetwood-Port Kells


2nd Annual VETS Canada Coast to Coast Tour of Duty

Volunteers across Canada to Search for Homeless Veterans During the:


ACROSS CANADA – Veterans Emergency Transition Services Canada (VETS Canada) is

hosting its second annual Coast to Coast Tour of Duty in communities across Canada on

Saturday June 10th at 13h00 local time. The Tour of Duty is a national walk to raise awareness

of veteran homelessness and to locate veterans on the streets or in shelters in need of help.

Walks will be led by teams of volunteers in seventeen cities: St. John’s, Sydney,

Charlottetown, Halifax, Dartmouth, Fredericton, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Windsor,

Chatham, Thunder Bay, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Calgary, Victoria and Vancouver.

Quick Facts

VETS Canada, a national charity and service provider of Veterans Affairs

Canada, has assisted more than 1600 homeless & in-crisis veterans since 2010.

The VETS Canada Coast to Coast Tour of Duty is an annual, national event aimed at

locating / assisting veterans in need and encouraging dialogue at the local national level

regarding veteran homelessness.

Media are invited to attend a local walk, and/or complete an interview with a VETS

Canada representative prior to the event. See contact information below.


“At VETS Canada, we are boots on the ground; locating homeless veterans and getting them

off the streets and back on their feet. The Tour of Duty allows us to locate veterans in crisis

from coast to coast while also raising awareness of the issue of veteran homelessness. We

strive to build a better understanding of our mission within the larger community; that help is

available. We are here to help”

– Jim Lowther, VETS Canada Co-Founder / CEO & President